Saving to onedrive

Hey All

hoping you could correct me if I’m wrong here. so I have the desktop version, I have just had a go and put the save location on my OneDrive out of curiosity, I have the program installed on 2 desktops, iv just created a quote let the cloud sync and open it on the other pc. all changes and updates I make have come back and forth? have I just got away with not purchasing the cloud version?

please note I’m not all that with computer’s so its all learning for me.

As long as you are the only user you are fine with putting your data in the cloud as you can work on it in several places on different desktop systems even with different operating systems. However, if you work simultaneously (i.e. have other person doing entries on other computer while you do it on your own) then you need Cloud or Server version. Also if you want authentication (login) for different users or even for yourself then this is not possible in Desktop versions.

This has actually been discussed before in the forum so as a new user you should always first search the forum before creating a topic.

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If you open the business on the two PCs at the same time, then you will corrupt the data as there is no mechanism in the Desktop version to prevent the application from updating, for example, a sale invoice at the same time which would result serious errors.