Sync Across Devices

I have a Surface tablet that I use Manager on. I would like to also use it on my desktop. Can I sync across the 2 devices so the work I do on the tablet will appear on the desktop?

desktop edition is for single user.
if you want simultaneous access from more than device, you will need the server or cloud edition.

you may also try to sync the business data file to any cloud storage.

If both devices have online access then you could use a cloud service like Dropbox or OneDrive but noting that both devices must always be on the exact same updated version of Manager, otherwise you may have file conflict issues.

And make sure you don’t access from both computers at the same time as this could cause problems

Thanks Joe91!

Thanks Brucanna


Another easy way to use more than one computer on manager without going to the server version is to setup a raspberrypi with either owncloud or nextcloud on it and have it running on your lan. They both have a file syncing feature which lets you back up to multiple hard drives and use manager on a few computers. This is a low volume work round only and only works on your own lan behind your firewall. If you need more than this going to a server version would be much better. As an example my house and workshop are on the same property and so on the same lan there are only two users and it works a treat. Yes I know you can do this using encryption over the Internet but I think it would be easier to use the server version of manager.

Thanks cafinux!