I would like to use this program on 2 different computers but not at the same time

I design websites and I use 2 different computers, one is a MAC and the other is a Surface running Win 10. Depending on what I’m doing, the Mac is my stationary computer and my Surface is taken with me to client meetings. I want to be able to use Manager on my surface to print invoices on the spot (changing an estimate into the invoice for the client) I don’t need to be in the company file at the same time from either computer but wanted to know if I could install the data part of the software on my OneDrive or my Google Drive? So that I can have access to the data regardless of where I am or what computer I’m using. I don’t run a server and I don’t need simultaneous connections so a Cloud service is unnecessary.

Yes on the assumption that you have an internet connection on both functioning before switching computers.
That Manager after being used on the Mac computer is closed and allowed to file sync and vice versa. On the start up of each computer sufficient time needs to be allowed for file syncing before opening Manager. Importantly, both computers need to have installed the same edition of the desktop to prevent data conflicts

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Thank You! I have successfully installed both programs and setup the file on Google Drive. It works like a charm.