Saving invoices

Ive found another issue today as a new downloader (long time user of an older Manager version)…when I create a new invoice, its not saving them where my old ones used to save (into Sales Invoices) but saving some odd looking form that isnt an invoice in History. What am I doing wrong? As I keep trying new test invoices, the tally in Sales Invoices is increasing appropriately, but theyre not able to be found in Sales Invoices. Hope someone can point me in the right direction.
Thanks heaps!

You need to show screem images of your problem

What version and editions are you using?

What is your operating system?


Just make sure you illustrate everything, Invoice Edit screen, History page and other relevant screens.

You seem to simply be describing display of the History record. That would be normal. Viewing a record in History does not display the completed transaction form, which can only be done in the relevant tab or by following a link to that completed transaction from elsewhere in the program.

The question is why you cannot find the sales invoices if they are being counted in the tab’s counter window. Be sure to show a screen shot of the Sales Invoices tab listing you get after navigating to the Sales Invoices tab.

Thanks for the response. I am using Mac OS 12.4 Monterey and version V22.6.20.110 of Manager. I will attach screen shots of a new sales invoice created, History tab, History “view”, old invoice Edit screen (under customer invoices where new invoices are not being saved) and the new invoice Edit screen. I cant really do a screenshot of the full list of customer invoices are there is personal information there.

Thanks so much for your help - I cant figure out where new invoices are being saved!!

Thanks so much for your response. Im not sure I can do that as it contains personal information of my clients? Any tips welcomed. When I go to sales invoices tabs, it shows all of my invoices created on the old system but on the new laptop (I am using Mac OS 12.4 Monterey and version V22.6.20.110 of Manager), the new ones Im creating are adding to the tab counter but not showing anywhere.

If they are in the counter, then they are undoubtedly in the list

Please show the list - you can hide or black out any propriety or sensitive information

Sort the list by date or invoice number

These screen shots are not sufficient for troubleshooting for various reasons:

  • You said the “tally” is increasing appropriately. But do you mean the transaction count in the counter window in the navigation pane? Or do you mean the balance of some income account? If the latter, you have shown a zero-value sales invoice, so why would you expect it to affect the balance? If the former, you have not shown the entire Edit screen. Specifically, it is important to see the Create or Edit buttons at the bottom. (We have no evidence the transaction was ever created without seeing the relevant button.)
  • You have not shown the History tab at all. You have shown the View screen for one transaction from it. And we don’t know what action this represents without seeing the History listing itself. I suspect this is a View screen from when you created the customer, John Smith, but can’t be sure.
  • Your third screen shot is unexplained. This looks like a blank entry form after clicking the New Sales Invoice button. But you have entered no content. The fact that the Reference field’s checkbox is still checked shows that this transaction was never created.

@Joe91 is right; you need to show the Sales Invoice tab listing. Obscure proprietary information as required, but not so much that we cannot tell what the invoices are. Post screen shots that follow a transaction through the entire process.

I recommend that you create a test business for this purpose if you have not already. It is much easier to troubleshoot when everything can be seen. And when you take screen shots, show everything from the breadcrumbs through the last field or button. If you are really having a problem, it will show up in the test business.

Thanks Joe,
Based on your help, I had a look again and they have been placed at the end of the list rather than as they used to be which was by date/invoice number (so latest invoice at top of list). Brilliant thanks!! So how can I sort all new invoices to list by date/invoice number as that way the latest invoice is always at the top of page one? My kind thanks for your help!!! :))