Sales Invoice showing under Sales Tab

Hi there,
I am still finding my way about the software, so sorry if this answer if obvious. This is the first question that I have not found an answer to via the forums.

When I look at my sales tab - from SUMMARY > INCOME ? SALES I see the purchase invoices I would expect. I also see a couple of sales invoices showing up there - affecting the balance as these show as positive figures. (see screenshot below).

I have tried going back in to the sales invoice to customer, and ensuring that the Account Line is from Sales, but that does not make a difference:

1.) What do you think I am doing to cause this behaviour and can I correct it?
2.) Am I right to put incoming purchased (made to supply direct to client) under as Sales when creating the invoice, or should I have a new tab for “Incoming Goods” or something similar?

Any guidance would be much appreciated.



I am not entirely sure what you you are doing, but I think that you are buying goods and entering them in the sales invoice.

What you should be doing is going to purchase invoices and select supplier where you purchased your goods from and selecting an expense account or inventory on hand (if you are using inventory). Then when you sell the equipment, you go to sales invoice, select client and select the sales income account and the amount you are selling it for. Or use sales of inventory if you are using inventory.

I would recommend that you use inventory if you sell the same goods to clients ie you sell laptops - then create an inventory item for that laptop, purchase it from supplier using inventory on hand and sell it to client using sales of inventory. It does not matter if you only buy to order (i.e. no stock - the inventory is still perfect for that - I use Inventory to do just that. Then its easy for me to re-order a product, as I have it in my inventory.

I think you are using an expense account on your sales invoice which is why you are seeing all these purchase invoice items under your sales Tab. I am only seeing Sales Invoice Items under my Sales tab

Hi Dalacor, and thank you for your quick reply.
What you have said makes sense - I am pretty sure that this is what has happened. Now that I am starting to learn more about the software, I am now using the Purchase Invoice feature, but I may not have created a PI for this one. I will add it in tonight. I suppose this raises a couple more questions:

1.) If I raise a PI for the goods, how do I remove the sales invoice from the sales section?
2.) Can I link the PI to the Sales Invoice?

Thanks again, very much appreciated.

Under Sales Invoices tab, click Edit for the offending invoice. At the bottom, click Delete button. If you have entered other transactions that affect that invoice, such as a Spend or Receive Money transaction, you will not be allowed to delete it until you first delete those. Depending on how long you’ve been using the sales invoices for purchase invoices, there may be quite a few things to unwind.

That depends on what you mean by “link.” If they belong to the same division, department, project, etc., use tracking codes. If you mean something else, please provide more information about what you are trying to do.

Hi Tut,
Thanks for the reply- I am looking through them now, and can not delete them as I have already received the money in. I’ll have a look around the program tonight for how I “undo” money coming in and then I can reallocate them as purchase invoices.

Has anyone out there had sucsess in deleting in this way before? I’ve had a bit of an explore, but can not yet see a logical way to undo the mess I have made. I will look through it tonight and see what I can do - but if anyone has more pointers on how to do this, that would be ace.

Thanks again to both of the responders so far - what a great forum - I appreciate all of the help . . .


Yes, I’ve done it myself when I was first learning the program. (Many people on the forum report conducting a “trial” period before switching to Manager completely.) A few tips:

  1. Make a backup of your data first!
  2. Undo the money coming in by going to Bank Accounts and clicking on the blue Statement Balance figure for the affected account. Edit the transaction in question and Delete it.
  3. While you are in the Bank Account, scan for suspicious transactions.
  4. In the Sales Invoices tab, run down the list of invoices. Any place you have a supplier you recognize as such listed under Customer, that would be a suspect transaction.
  5. Create a Balance Sheet report (if you haven’t already). Mis-applied purchase invoices that were entered as sales invoices should contribute to a positive Accounts Receivable. Click on the blue number and see what does.
  6. Generate a customer statement for the supplier you have mis-entered as a customer. (Select all transactions option). You should get a list of activity on that erroneous account.
  7. Keep checking the Summary page after every step to make sure you understand what you have undone.
  8. Keep a list of your actions so you can properly re-enter the transactions.
  9. If your records are not yet extensive and your company organization is simple, you may be able to apply simple tests. For example, if you are a sole trader/proprietor, you may be able to correlate your bank account balance with your owner’s equity account.

Thanks for the kind words Tut.
I think to be honest - given that I do not have a whole load of data on the current system, what I will do is start from fresh. I am starting to see the mistakes Ive made, and I’m already 40% of the way through it - this time with no errors.

It was all because I was new to it all. I will consider the previous one a ‘trial’ as this new set of data that I am inputing is already better formatted to my needs - due to what I have learned so far.

Thank you for all of your help on this one - much appreciated.


It might be best if you start from scratch by creating a new business and redoing the transactions in the new business, then once you have got everything redone, then delete the old business.

I would also suggest that you get an accountant to go through your accounts and see if you are doing it right. Its worth spending a little bit of money now rather than a lot of money later as it will cost more to undo transactions in a years time if things are not set up correctly.

Manager is not difficult - in fact it is the simplest program I have ever used, but you still need to understand basic accounting concepts such as debits and credits. Also have a look at the partners tab - there is a youtube channel that shows you how to do basic accounting transactions. That might be useful for you.

good luck

Hi Dalacor,
Thank you - your advice has been great in this problem I was having.

I’ve started afresh - there wasn’t that much data to replicate, and now that I’ve redone a lot of it (I’m about 70% there) I can see the previous data as a training exercise. I’ve learned more this afternoon by punching a lot of real debits / credits - and checking after every input - and I feel the data is easier for me to follow now.

I’ve caught some purchases made that I didn’t input properly, and now that I have caught them, I have a much more accurate tax figure (I would have overpaid my vat by a couple of hundred pounds)

I have an accountant that I will take the figures to for my first few vast returns and ask of my annual returns. I was just a bit eager to give her the well formated data, and a bit too stubborn to ask for her help!

Thanks for all of if your time and your help.


Good Luck and Enjoy :smile: