Sales invoices do not show in other statements

I am currently in a very inconvenient situation (HUGE problem). I’ve been using Manager for at leas the last year, and everything worked fine. My SSD crashed yesterday, and luckily I had a recent back-up and reinstalled manager.

All my statements amounts on the summary page seem to be incorrect. When I click on various accounts that are related to sales invoices, I see that the invoices don’t add up in the system anymore… Only a few are left in the overview.

The other strange issue is that all invoices go straight to fully paid, even before I entered payment details.

I’m on a Mac 10.11.1 El Capitan and running Manager 16.3.84.

Can someone please help me? Or provide me with an older edition of manager, to test if everything there is working fine?

Thanks in advance!

I already found the core of the problem. As we are operating a webshop, and just use manager for accounting and not for managing the customer base, I never specify a customer but just paste the details in the address box.

Now it seems that since one of the last updates, invoices are only appearing in statements if an customer is given.

Is there a workaround, or do I have to assign a customer to 1000’s of invoices?

The situation you describe is nothing new. You must have had a very old version of Manager. I am actually very surprised to hear about this situation, because customers have been required on sales invoices since before I began using Manager. In fact, I don’t know if it was actually ever possible to properly create a sales invoice without a defined customer. The reason this is so is that Manager creates subaccounts of Accounts receivable when a sales invoice is created. That is essential for proper allocation of payments, tracking of invoice aging, generation of customer statements, etc.

This is so unusual, I wonder if you also had other problems but did not recognize them. Was there, by chance a balance in your Suspense account previously? Suspense is where Manager places incomplete, unbalanced, or otherwise undecipherable transactions. Anything in there needs to be edited.

No. First of all, a sales invoice is for sales on credit, when a defined customer will pay you at some future time. The other reason to use sales invoices is so you can explicitly track business with a customer, even if they pay at the time of service or delivery. But since you apparently don’t do that, there is no need for sales invoices at all. Just Receive Money into cash or bank account. You can enter a name or just “Cash Sale,” as you wish. In this situation, the receipt can show a name even though that will not be a defined customer.

But you may face a problem of bringing your past sales invoices into usable condition. One way would be to define a customer named “Cash Sale.” Then edit those thousands of invoices by entering Cash Sale as the customer. Tedious work, but a necessary step to recover from incomplete usage of the tool over the past year.

Another option is to begin anew with Manager, as though you had just adopted the program. Create your business again, with a recent Start Date. Enter beginning balances for applicable accounts and leave the old records behind. Businesses do this frequently when shifting to Manager from other systems.

You can send me your accounting file to and I will set all your invoices to have some pseudo-customer so it will work as before.

However, this change has been made long time ago. All invoices need to have customer assigned otherwise they will not be posted to general ledger.

If you are not maintaining accounts receivable, you should be just creating cash/bank receipts and printing those.