How do I remove invoices from sales invoice list?


I apologise if this should be really obvious but, having run the report for the tax year to April 19 for my accountant, I now want to not be able to see them in my list of Sales Invoices. I’ve been using Manager for a number of years and am now having to scroll down through a long list of overpaid and unpaid invoices to see current ones.

Is there a way of getting rid of them so that they’re in the history if I need to run report but they aren’t visible in my Sales Invoices?


It is not clear what you are complaining about. What report? What lists? Please be more specific.

In the Sales Invoices tab, invoices are sorted by status by default, longest overdue first.

You need to sort your overpaid problems. There is a Guide about that.

No, you cannot delete old sales invoices just so you don’t see them, because Manager is a perpetual system. If you did, for example, you would not be able to rectify the overpaid ones.

It’s the Sales Invoice tab I’m talking about.

As you say, it’s the overpaid and longest overdue I’m talking about, that are now taking up the whole of Page 1 of the invoices. Some of the longest overdue I suspect are never going to be paid now as I’ve chased and chased. The overpaid are numerous and are where customers have been so pleased with my service that they have paid extra. In England we’d call it a ‘tip’. Maybe a gratuity elsewhere?

Thank you for answering

Receipts that include tips should be broken into two line items. Post the first to Accounts receivable and the customer’s subaccount and invoice, in the amount of the invoice. That will pay the invoice in full without it becoming overpaid. Post the second line item to a miscellaneous income or gratuities income account.

If invoices are truly uncollectible, write them off as bad debts. See

After doing those two things, your unpaid but collectible invoices will be at the top of the tab list.

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Thank you. That’s been really helpful. It’ll take me a while to sort out but will be so worth it and at least I’ll know what to do with overpayments going forward