Save as PDF option


Could there be a Save as .PDF option in reports?


Install Adobe Reader and use the print button and choose print to .PDF

I’ve always used this method for years for all kind of docs I want to save.


It worked, thanks :smiley:


The save as PDF option is now not there in my new laptop. Can anyone please help. I want it like chrome wherein you can directly save it as a PDF.


Download PDFCreator. In Manager when you view an invoice click on print and then select PDFCreator as your printer. It will convert the file as PDF. Works in Manager and works in any program that gives you print option.


Also read the Manager guide:


How about Excel based reports?


There is an Export button in bottom-right corner which will give you figures in tab-separated values format which can be opened by any spreadsheet program such as Excel.


I’ve tried to export the file but I can’t open it using excel 2013. Is it really possible to open the report using excel 2013?


Excel can definitely open TSV files. What do you mean you can’t open it in Excel, what have you tried?


I save the export file in desktop then try to open it with excel 2013. There is a dialog box saying it is not applicable to the chosen data.