How to save the whole accounting file into pdf file?

I can’t find any solution to save the file to a PDF file. I am using Mac OS X system. I want to save the bank account file into a PDF file. Any solution to this?

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I don’t get this. Do you need to print list of all bank transactions recorded in Manager?

If that’s what you are asking, go to Bank accounts tab, click on bank account with transactions you want to print.

When you see list of bank transactions, click Export button in bottom-right corner. This will give you TSV file with transactions that can be opened in spreadsheet program. From there, you can print it to physical printer or PDF, see: Guides | Manager

I’ve read the link but I cant seem to find the save as PDF file thing.

On Mac OS X, you have to click Print button in Manager. You will see print dialog which will contain PDF button which has Save to PDF... option.

I can’t find the button Print. That’s the problem.

If you are using Export button in Manager, then you have to open exported TSV file in some spreadsheet program and print to PDF from there.

If you are using Print button in Manager, then you can select Save to PDF... in print dialog.

Not all screens in Manager contain Print button. If you are looking at tabular data such as list of transactions, only Export button is visible and it is in bottom-right corner.