How to create pdf of report file

I tried to export report in pdf but could find any option. Only i can able to export in .tsv version. Pls advise.

As far as I know you have to export the .tsv file to your spreadsheet, and from there save as .pdf.

You don’t “export” reports in PDF format. You just generate one by clicking the PDF button at the top of the window:

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That should generate and open a PDF image of the report on your desktop. Then you can save, print, or do whatever else you want with that image.

Well… that mix all data in few row or col.
Any other option???

What do you mean by “mix all data in few row or col”.
What do you want to achieve? Can you make a print screen?

What did you expect when you exported a TSV file of a report to a spreadsheet? A typical report only has a few columns of actual data, and possibly only a few rows, depending on the report. You can’t expect any formatting or a fancy layout. That’s why Manager has built-in report designs and not just exporting of data.

Why can’t you use the PDF button as I suggested?

Well…this feature might be available in new versions…i dont have any tab for pdf in my version. Wht shld i do? How can i update software as there is no tab is available for it

Then you have a really old version. Update exactly the same way you downloaded and installed your original version. Do not uninstall anything first. Procedures vary for different operating systems. There is a Guide for macOS: Install or update desktop edition on macOS | Manager but not for other versions. But they are all fairly obvious.

If your version was that old, you will find many changes. Read the Guides for most recent information: Guides | Manager.