Exporting invoices to PDF

I am using the desktop version and I would like to export the invoices and quotes to PDF for attaching to an e mail rather than using the in built template. I can’t see how to do this anywhere. Is there a way?

See: Guides | Manager

This article about exporting to PDF has moved somewhere else? I can’t seem to find it any more.

I don’t see the option to export to PDF directly. I have to send a mail to myself to get a pdf copy.

If you are using Windows you can download pdfcreator from PDFCreator: Download our free PDF converter here - pdfforge
On the site is a screencast present to show you how it works.

Oh, that’s what I am doing already.

Since it already has a pdf exporter for mac and also can send a pdf on email, I wondered if there was a built in option.

Anyways. never mind.

This is wat @lubos just answered to a similar topic.

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