Sales tax is not added anymore

I updated from 16.3 to latest 16.5.12 and now the sales tax is not added anymore to the price. See screenshots:

You have chosen “BTW 21% EU” instead of the regular “BTW 21%”.

If you don’t have that tax-code, go to “Settings”, “Tax codes”, “New Tax Code” and search for “Netherlands”

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ok thanks, it worked fine in previous versions. I added the regular tax code as well

This was a bug. BTW 21% EU was always meant to be 0% tax. You need to go to previous sales invoices and change to tax code to BTW 21% if that’s what it was meant to be in the first place.

Whenever I add an invoice or pay one my BTW (VAT) adds up or drops down. I mean the one on te left telling me what to pay for that certain period.
But in de right column in expenses the Omzetbelasting (Sales tax) doesn’t add up whenever I pay.
Is there something wrong with what I do?
Thanks in advance!
Best regards, Daphne

VAT would never show in expenses. It is a liability (or asset).

Did you create this expense account yourself? If so, you should just delete it. It has no purpose.