Manager is not adding sales tax

I have the system setup to add sales tax. Now when I make an invoice, it shows sales tax but it is not charging sales tax.

how did you set up your sales tax? can you post a picture of how you set up sales tax?

Note: problem just started today. Has been working fine until today.

When did you last update?

I operate my business on the cloud version. This has costed me money in sales taxes that it has not charged this morning.

Does the same thing under quote and invoice.

@lubos will look into it. All the best

I have noted that, sales tax on my system has been wiped off. I upgraded today and use the desktop version

You’ve to redefine Tax Rate in settings.
after update it was showing tax rate 0%

So i edited tax code as below

Thanks @sunilmanjunath, that corrected my problem. Checked and it did wipe out the percentage but have corrected it now.

The latest version should make sure custom tax codes are not wiped out like that.