Sales Report per user

I have a number of cashiers that i need to see their respective sales generation. Is this possible or is there an alternative to it.

You need to post a lot more information to get any kind of a meaningful answer

For a start, there is no such entity in Manager as a “cashier” so you need to explain what you mean by this term

Secondly, you need to explain how you are recording your sales with images of the edit screens involved

Lastly, you need to explain a little bit more about your business so that we could give useful suggestions

By Cashier, I mean user. We have various users who sale on shift basis, how can I get the sales made or achieve by individual user?

Create a custom field for the cashier’s name. Then you can create a sales invoice totals by custom field report filtering for the various cashier’s names.

I did, but you know Invoice sales are for credit sales only, we sell on cash n carry basis meaning we use receipt, and receipt do not have report by custom field option.

You can add the custom field for the cashier’s name to the receipt form. Define the custom field to show as a column. Then, in the Receipts tab, you can search by date, sort by cashier’s name, and copy to the clipboard. Paster into a spreadsheet to create your own report.

The ability to generate cash and credit sales reports (Qty and Amount) userwise would be great. It could be used to for generating report for commission calculation as well.