How i can print sales report with cash or card payment received

How i can generate sales report with column of payment received by cash or by card or by bank transfer ?

There is no report like this in Manager

What is the purpose of the report, as there may be other reports which will fulfill your needs?

Otherwise, it might be possible to write a custom report but that would depend on what information you enter for invoices and payments

if i have hundreds of invoice in a day, at the end of the day i need to know how much i sold by cash and how much by card. so i can tally my cash and my card receipt ac. is there any way ?

Where do your hunders of invoices a day come from ?
How are you entering them into Manager?

If it is some external sales platform, surely they have reporting procedures?

I would suggest that you just enter a recap into Manager and not bother with the detail of hundreds of invoices

i am entering invoices in Manager. e.g if i entered 10 invoices in a day, than at the end of the day how i know how in one report that many clients have paid by cash and how many have paid by card

You would have to make sure that when you entered the payments that you identified the type of payment (Cash or Card) and then you could write a custom report to get the totals

It isn’t clear why you need this information - why does it matter whether they paid by cash or card?

Can you advise where and how i can identify the type of payment cash or card received while entering invoice ? Do I need to do anything in setting to get this option ?Because this business is running by my partner So end of the day he need to send me report where how much he received cash and how much by card

You will need to add the information about the type of payment into every payment

You could use the Reference or Description field for this

or create a payment custom field of type Dropdown with 3 values (Cash, Card, Transfer) and enter the information with this

This information will then be availaible to use in a custom report

See these guides
Use custom fields
Create custom reports

@Mohsin_Bhurani, you can get the information by drilling down on the respective cash and bank account balances. From there, you can copy to a spreadsheet.

I am wondering why you would not just use receipts instead of an invoice because it seems the invoice is immediately paid. In that case the payment method is part of the receipt.

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Please find attached sample report i require. please let me know how it is possible
sample repo.pdf (200.3 KB)

Your question was already answered, @Mohsin_Bhurani.

If you need further help, you will have to explain more about your business and workflow. It is difficult to understand why you have structured your workflow the way you have - it seems over-complicated

For example, if all your invoices are paid in cash or credit card, why do you not just enter sales receipts?
What is the use of entering sale invoices and then receipts?