Customers report

I want a report showing whether the goods sold were purchased from the supplier
Credit or cash, how do I do it

Can you be more specific - are you selling goods from inventory/stock or not?

YES, i selling goods from inventory/stock

You can drill down in the Inventory Items tab for transactions on an item by item basis. Or you can create a custom report including all purchase invoices and payments. Neither, however, will link a sale to a specific purchase method. All inventory items in Manager are assumed to be identical and indistinguishable. Once you have purchased them, there is no way to tell how they were purchased.

can she make custom field in sales invoice , and when she going to prepare invoice , write in this custom field (purchased cash or purchased credit ) then she can make custom report for each other ?
and notice that this custom filed must not appear in printing.

You can set up such a custom field. And you can create Invoice Totals by Custom Field reports that will categorize our sales invoices. But no one will be able to tell from Manager whether the inventory items on the sales invoice were purchased by cash or credit. The only way to do that would be to have separate inventory items, one for those purchased by cash and the other for those purchased by credit.

But what is the point of this entire request? Why does it matter how you purchased the item when it comes time to sell it? You can already examine your purchase invoices and payment transactions for an inventory item to see its history. Why does it matter that 6 units sold to Customer A were purchased for cash and 2 units on credit?

yea , i think as you say items for cash and items for credit is the best way . and about this case , sometimes owners request strange reports .so the accountant in this cases try to do like this reports through program.