Sales summary report

I suggest that a report on sales summary that includes both cash sales and sales invoices should be included under sales reports. Currently the sales invoice totals reports is very useful but it captures only sales recorded through sales invoice but not through Receipts and payments.

I have subscribed to manager for a pharmacy that sells only for cash and they need their daily sales report per item showing total quantities sold per day for each item and their value.

To have this report in manager one has to record all sales through invoice before recording a receipt against them. This is time consuming for a retail business.

The report will also help to attract grocery stores and super markets who sell mainly by cash

Have you looked at the Inventory Value Movement and Inventory Quantity Movement reports? They include sales by both invoice and receipt.

Inventory Value movement does not show the sales value of of items sold per period. It show the cost of items sold but not at sales prices.It is also a cumulative Inventory quantity movement does not indicate sales values. The requested report is one similar to sales invoice total per item with a column indicating quantity sold.

View a Profit and Loss Statement for the desired period. Click on the Inventory - sales balance figure (in blue) to drill down. You will see a list of all inventory sales transactions during the period, both by sales invoice and receipt. Quantities are also shown.

Export the list to a spreadsheet.

This method shows a list of individual inventory sales transactions but not a sales summary report. What users require is a summary report showing total quantity sold for the period per item and their sales value. If an item has been sold 10 times in the period it will show on 10 lines instead of the total quantity sold per item per period.

I am not arguing with you, @bayeboafo. I am telling you of ways you can get the information you want. Once in a spreadsheet, you can summarize the data any way you like.

@bayeboafo if you dont change description for your items you can use a pivot table in excel,
it will sum quantities and value for all the lines that have the same descriptions
and you will get the quantity and amount total for all your items

if @lubos decide to make visible the item code field or item name in this report you can use this method to calculate even if you change description for the items when you compile an invoice

Thanks. We have to manage with what we have now but I hope you will consider Improving upon this in the near future. To me the Inventory profit margin report gives a better total sales information per period, just that it also does not show the quantity sold. If there could be a similar report that adds a column for quantity, it will be a very good sales summary report

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I have nothing to do with program changes, @bayeboafo. I am a forum moderator, a user like you.

Thanks Brother. I hope this attracts the developers’ attention soon so we could attract more clients