Sales report by client

Hi, I use Manager to sell my products on retail and wholesale. some of my wholesale costumers get 8 days of credit time to pay invoices weekly. Some don’t.

I would like to see a report in which I can see specifically what percentage of my sales are through credit and what percentage are through immediate cash. ¿Or/Also any sales report by costumer? (Qty and $ sold to each costumer)

¿ Is this possible? I haven’t found other topics related.


There is no report that provides what you want directly.

One way you can get this type of information is to drill down by clicking on the Inventory - sales balance on the Summary page. This will give a list of all transactions contributing to the balance. You can then sort the data by clicking on column headings to group those transactions belonging to customers. Export the list to a spreadsheet and manipulate it there.

Another way is to create a custom field for sales invoices, checking the box to show as a column. Make the list a dropdown list with options of Credit and Cash. Then, in the Sales Invoices tab, sort that column and export. The problem with this is that you will get transactions back to the beginning. But you can get around that by copying only the current reporting period data when exporting. Use a spreadsheet to total the different types of transactions.

Something else you can do is drill down on the Invoices field in the Customers tab. This will sum up the value of sales invoices for a customer.

Manager does not include many analysis tools because every user seems to want something different. But the data is there and can be used as needed.

My comments assume all sales are recorded on sales invoices. If some are recorded only via receipts, you will need to also delver into bank and/or cash transactions. You may end up pulling data from several places.