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I have few marketing people and i need to show them their sales report. So is it possible to mark the sale on a particular marketing guy name? or under his name? is there any way???
Please dd this function if it is not available as it will help us to know which marketing person is getting more sales and stuff.

There are no reports designed as such but you could use Tracking Codes by assigning a code to each marketing person. Go to Setting - Tracking Codes

The way to do this depends on what you think of as a sale. An accepted sales quote? A completed job that is invoiced? An invoice paid by the customer? Whatever you think a “sale” is, you should be able to make use of custom fields to record the salesperson. Or you might use tracking codes. The answer also depends on what you consider a “sales report.” You can search the register of whatever transaction type for the salesperson’s name, then export.

so if i do this i can get complete sales report of a each track?
And in general ledger does it displays each tracker sales or any such kind of thing?
Because i want to see total sales separated with the each tracker sales in general ledger

it is for sales invoice. so give me an easiest way to do it…

I would add a custom field under Settings >> Custom Fields, naming it “Salesperson.” Check the box to show as column so it will appear in the listing. If you want the name on the invoice, check that box, too. To obtain your “sales reports,” select the Sales Invoices tab and click on the Salesperson heading to sort by salesperson. Export the list. Import it to a spreadsheet and manipulate it as you desire.

Or, you could search on the salesperson’s name and export only those invoices identified with that person. You would have to repeat this for every salesperson.

The tracking code will give a report of all transactions allocated a tracking code without needing to do any external exporting and manipulation. In the General Ledger you will see total sales.

Can I suggest that you set up a test Business and experiment with a few transaction and produce a few reports so you get a feel for it.

i’ve tried doing that but its not showing any reports…can you help me out with screen shots?

Can you share me screen shots? and i don’t want to show this salesperson name on the invoice to the customers…is there any other way?

Then, as I said earlier, don’t check the box to include the custom field on the sales invoice.

As for screen shots, I don’t know what you want for this so-called “sales report.” So let me suggest that you follow @Brucanna’s advice and create a test business. Set up the custom fields or tracking codes, however you decide to do it. Put in some typical transactions and try to extract the information you want. Then you post some screen shots of what you have achieved and ask specific questions about how to obtain what is missing. I have already told you how to perform the simple approach I thought up. Without better information from you, I am sorry, but I cannot offer any further suggestions.

First you would create your tracking codes

Then add them to the sales invoice

Then produce the P&L Report requesting any required columns

You will note that the total 700 exceeds the sales figures 100+200+300.
By running the tracking exception report you can pick up any invoices missing the tracking code

thanks a lot brucanna . Its very helpful in this version