Sales Quote to Sales Invoice Custom Fields

I copied sales quote to sales invoice through option, but in sales invoice what’s ever i entered default custom fields matters not coming in sales invoice. it shows only quote custom fields.

can you please help out

Read this Guide, especially the Notes at the bottom: Use the Copy to function | Manager.

Still not able to …When i use copy to function from Purchase Order to Purchase Invoice or Sales invoice…Custom field data is not being copied and remains blank…Rest is getting copied…am i misssing something here ???

have you created custom fields for both purchase order and purchase invoice?
are the headings of both custom fields an exact match?

post screenshots of the created custom fields for both forms.

@pranay, you have raised a second question different from your first. Please restrict your topics to a single question. Your second question is answered in the same Guide already linked to. Also, see this Guide: Use custom fields | Manager.

Yes…created for both PO & PI…
Here are the screenshots…

Notice that HSN/SAC Code and UOM are my custom fields and data not getting copied on “Copy To” option

custom fields for line items do not carry over.
read this guide

all you need to do is create inventory or non-inventory items.
HSN can be created as a custom field for inventory and non-inventory items. it will automatically appear on all forms where the item is selected.
UOM is already available for inventory and non-inventory items. you do not have to create any custom field for the same.
read the guides on creating inventory and non-inventory items.


Cool …Thanks mate :slight_smile:

I tried the non inventory method…Still i am facing the same issue…HSN code and UOM are not getting autofilled…can u please tell me whether i m missing smthn…!!!

please post screenshots of the custom fields you have created. also, the data entered in them.

Here the item is created… with custome field HSN

Here is the Purchase invoice created with the same item

here is the final purchase invoice

so what is missing?
in your screenshot both HSN and the unit name are showing in the final purchase invoice.

sorry i was confused as it wasn’t shwoing when we select the item while filling the purchase invoice form…and also the unit is the heading like here “PCS” but i want it like “100 PCS” and coloumn heading being “Qty”…and also in that column total qty. is being shown

RESOLVED…i created one more custom field as UOM and left the Unit blank…
Thank you mate :slight_smile:

when there is only one item in the transaction, Manager will replace the heading Qty with the Unit Name of that item. if there are more than one items in the transaction with different Unit Name, then Manager will show the heading Qty.

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ok got it…thanks :slight_smile: