Custom Fields does not copy

I have custom fields for my Sales Quotes which has the same Custom Field at Sales Orders also I have the same custom fields at Sales Invoices.

I do manually add values to these Custom Field to my Sales Quotes but these values does not copy to Sales Order nor to my Sales Invoices.

Is it possible to copy these values to Sales Order and Sales Invoice?

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Either your software is out of date or the labels for your custom fields are not identical. I just verified that the copy feature works for exactly what you describe.


It is 18.9.8. Please check attachments,

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Mallyet seems to have 3 lll’s in one of the forms


Well spotted @Joe91

You are using line-item custom fields. As explained in this Guide, those do not copy: Especially see the big, yellow Caution statement. If you want data to copy over, you must use form-type custom fields:

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oh ok, i see now. but it will be great if we can copy the line custom fields also because, I am adding cost of each product which changes regularly.

I can also add the cost of the product to stock products but what will happen when I change the cost of that product and my old costs will change also?

Why would you want to show your customer your cost of a product? You should show them the price they are being charged. The only exception I can think of is a cost-reimbursable contract, under which they pay the cost plus a separate line item for profit. But in that case, your cost is their price for that line item.

Purchase cost changes on inventory items have no effect on prior transactions. Try it and see.

My line custom fields does not show at pdf documents??

You need to illustrate this with screen shots of the edit and view screens for a transaction.

Pls. see at the screenshots. And also Custom Field ‘‘Kumaş’’ is labeled ‘‘show on printed documents’’ but it does not show at printed documents. but all other custom fields are not labeled ‘‘show on printed documents’’ so they do not show on printed documents.


I don’t see a problem. I can identify the Edit screen for sales quote #151 and the corresponding View screen. Everything looks correct. The line-item custom field checked to show on printed documents does so.

You have a sales order Edit screen with nothing in the custom fields. So nothing shows on the sales order. That is normal, too. If there were something in the field, the column would show.

Yes, those fields seems to be ok, but since you have said ‘‘Why would you want to show your customer your cost of a product?’’ the custom fields does not show if we do not want on printed documents? So they do not see my cost,

So, I am asking again, it would be a great idea to copy these custom line values from sales quote to sales order and from sales order to sales invoice. It would be really helpful.

Is it only me that is using these custom fields, lines ? If somebody is using custom fields, lines, and if it is not copying from one form to another, what is the use than ? I am inputting values evertime manually?

Maybe can’t you put like numbers at each custom field line, for example I say D1 to one of custom field lines at my sales quotes, and same D1 to Sales Order, so it will copy?

I am sorry if I am being too much, or maybe I am understanding things wrongly? Pls. correct me if so,

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@bturgan, based on your last post, it seems you now understand that Manager is behaving as designed. I have nothing to do with design decisions. I am a forum moderator, a user like you. But I can explain why the program is designed that way.

Line-item custom fields are meant to be used for information unique to that line item. An example is the serial number of a computer. You would not know, when quoting, what the serial number will be among those you have in stock or will order from the manufacturer. When the sales order comes in, you still do not know what serial number you will ship. But when the sales invoice is prepared near the shipping time, you will know the serial number and can enter it in a line item custom field.

You are using line-item custom fields for things relevant to the inventory item in general, such as cost. Manager uses the average cost inventory valuation technique, but you seem to be using it to track cost of individual units of merchandise. Nothing else in the program supports this. You are also using it for designating fabric type. That is something that belongs in the inventory item description itself or in an inventory item custom field (a 300 thread count product is not the same inventory item as a 400 thread count one).

In summary, line-item custom fields do not copy from form to form because it would usually not be correct. Many users would need to eliminate or edit content if it did copy. In your case, the information might make sense to you, but you are using this type of custom field for something it is not meant to do.

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