I have created the same custom fields for Sales quote, Sales Order and Sales Invoice. These are for line custom fields. Is there any possibility to copy the values there when I copy Sales Quote to Sales Order or to Sales Invoice?


if your line items are inventory or non-inventory item, then all you have to do is create custom fields for them. and not one each for the sales quote, sales order and sales invoice.

the contents of custom field created for inventory or non-inventory item will automatically appear on other forms as a column when the particular item is selected.

I see but this is only showing at Inventory items columns. These columns does not show at Sales Quotes or vs… which i can not change the price at that time whereas my purchase prices are changing.

But I understand at that time there will be confusion with the system. Thank you for the info though.

make sure you have set the custom field to Show on printed documents.
this will show the column on all tabs where the inventory item is selected.