Unit Price is not Copied when Sales Invoice - Copy to - Purchase Invoice

Dear Team,
I have a client who first give the Sales Invoice to their Customer, Once payment received they purchase the item and deliver directly.
Usually they use to give 12% Discount to their Customer from MRP and they get it at 20% discount of MRP.
After updating the manager in last one week,
When we use Copy to function in Sales Invoice to create the Purchase invoice, Unit price is not getting copied from sales invoice. Kindly guide me.

Sales Invoice

Purchase Invoice using Copy to from Sales Invoice.

PS. : They are not using the Sales and Purchase price from Inventory. Still added items inside the Inventory. Reason, The MRP might change for each batch.

I have also tried this without Inventory item.

Sales Invoice Edit Screen

When Copied the same to Purchase Invoice Getting only this fields, Custom field data(HAS/SAC, Batch, Date of Expiry) and Unit Price is not copied.

Field content copies only when relevant to the context. Read the Guides:

I believe the reason @lubos classified this as a bug may be that sales price should be converted to purchase price, although discounts would not be applied. But line-item custom fields are defined for an individual transaction type and are not intended to be copied.

Dear @Tut,
Thanks for sharing Guides,
Even my client started reporting as the Sales Price was not copied to Purchase Price.
Understood about the Discounts and Inline custom field.

Thanks @lubos for correcting this post to Bug Category. Will be waiting for the fix. :slight_smile:

I’ve moved it to bugs because I thought I broke something but it is working fine for me. Here is how it’s intending to work:

When setting up inventory or non-inventory item, you have two autofill fields. One for sales and one for purchases.


When copying sales transaction into purchase transaction, Manager will take the unit price figure from item form. Not from transaction form.

The reasoning is that your sales prices to customers are different from your purchase prices from suppliers.

We can discuss whether this is appropriate but right now, it works as designed.

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Yes this works when we have sale and purchase price data from inventory item.
But in my second post i haven’t used the line item from inventory, Used just as a Sales account. When i copy to purchase invoice, Unit price is not getting copied. Previously it was working.