Copy Sales Order to Sales Invoice doesn't copy Custom Field

Using 17.9.79 on a Mac

When I copy my Sales Order to a New Sales Invoice, the values entered in the custom field in the Order do not copy over to the Invoice

The custom field I have (for both Order and Invoice) is a line item.

custom fields are created for specific forms and cannot be copied to other forms.

Having the same problem.

When I copy from Sales Order to Sales Invoice, the data in the custom fields do NOT get carried over. The field names are the same and yet!

Sales Order with Data

Sales Invoice copied from the previously shown Sales Order

This one has no data.

The custom field names are identical as each of those field names had been copied and pasted by me from the other.

Read the Caution in this Guide: Manager Cloud.

I’m sorry if I understood this wrongly, but looking at the caution, from the portion highlighted, I understood that when using “Copy to”, data will transfer appropriately for custom fields in the “line-item” with identical names.

It was based on this that I made the names identical but unfortunately it did not get carried over.

What you see is what you get

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the question is already answered in guides. read it first. every form has its own custom field. @Paparazzi

Thanks! I think I now understand what was meant.

Basically, i means I get to see the information and transfer it manually :slight_smile: