Sales quote list tweak for one-off quotes

First line of sales quote address field should be displayed in customer column of sales quote list when customer field of quote is empty to enable searching by customer name for one-off quotes

Create sales quotes helpfully notes quotes can be created without an associated Customer by putting customer name as first line of address field

This works well for quotes but the Customer column of the Sales Quote list is empty so one-off quotes with customer name in address can’t be searched for by customer name

@idm, your suggestion would create problems when copying sales quotes to other transaction types. The customer field is reserved for defined customers, because they are actually subsidiary ledgers of the Accounts receivable account. They are not just names in a space. Even if the name were to be picked up from an address field, other information needed for customers would be missing. And the customer name would then be duplicated on other forms where the real customer name and address appear together.

The point of customerless sales quotes, as described in the Guide, was to accommodate the kind of one-off quote you would never expect to go back to or search for. The process was described in response to users who are swamped with many quote requests, so few of which will turn into orders that creating customers is not thought to be justified. In other words, if there is ever going to be a reason to look up the quote in the future, you should define and use a customer.

Nevertheless, you can overcome your problem by mentioning the customer’s name in the summary-level description field on the sales quote. Contents of that field appear in the Sales Quotes tab and would be searchable. For example:


Thanks, I hadn’t considered consequences on invoices and similar