Columns for sales quotes and sales orders in Customers tab

I would find it useful if we could have a column in the Customers tab for sales quotes and sales orders in the same way we have the Invoices column, with the option to drill down and view all sales quotes or sales orders for a given customer.

There are times when I am not sure if a sales quote has been copied to a sales order, or a sales order to a sales invoice, and rather than go to each of the tabs for the different form types and search for the customer I would prefer to find the customer first and then be able to view all of their forms in one place, along with the balance in their Accounts receivable. I realise I would still need to drill down on each form count to view the forms, but at least with this method I could use the Back button to return to the customer screen and check their other related forms without having to search for the customer again.

In my search of the forum I found this old topic requesting a similar thing. @Tut seems to imply that the request is not technically possible, but Iā€™m hoping that with all the changes Manager has been through since then (particularly with the quotes, orders, and invoices) it might now be feasible. However, I do understand that quotes and orders have no financial impact, and so are not connected to Accounts receivable or any other account, and therefore might be more difficult to group and display in the way I am hoping for.

I would like it if this approach could also be applied to purchase quotes, purchase orders, and purchase invoices in the Suppliers tab.

I appreciate that there needs to be good justification to add columns or other complexity to view screens in Manager. I also understand that I can find everything I need by navigating to the relevant tabs for the respective form types. However, I believe my suggestion would make my workflow more efficient, and hopefully other users might find the same.

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Added to the latest version (

You can use Edit Columns button to enable these new columns.



@lubos this is great

Thank you, @lubos! Perfect.