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Sales Quotation - There we have a customer demand, dealing in car spare parts, they wanted not to show item codes in the sales quotation, the idea is the have an option to check mark, if item need to be shown or not.

The main reason is that spare parts clientele take the quotations and they check the prices only, therefore the owners don’t want to mention the items, however if they don’t select the item than things will be manual which is not practical in case of bulk inquiries and entering the prices etc by hand.

@lubos and @Tut kindly look into it as this will be a good feature in Mananger.

Thank you!

Team DanOwa

There are already two ways around that issue:

  • Leave the Item code field blank. If you need to use codes internally, put them into the Item name field, which does not appear on finished transactions.
  • Suppress the codes with a custom theme. Use an unless filter in the table.rows loop.

Thanks Tut for feedback, well 1st option already explained not practical, however will try 2nd option.

See in future if can make it as function not workaround only.

Hi @Tut, i have a similar requirement for the Item Code which it could be easily resolved by a simple custom theme. I need the Purchases to show the Item Code and the Sales not to show.

Could you give me the command line and which line to modify so i can i remove the Item Code from a copy of the plain theme?

Thank you much.

It isn’t one line for the item code. And it’s not going to lead to a simple custom theme, since you want different behavior for purchases and sales. You’re going to have to start in this section of code:

        {% for row in table.rows %}
            {% for cell in row.cells %}
            <td style="padding: 5px 10px; text-align: {{ table.columns[forloop.index0].align }}; border-left-width: 1px{% if forloop.last == true %}; border-right-width: 1px{% endif %}{% if table.columns[forloop.index0].nowrap %}; white-space: nowrap; width: 80px{% endif %}">{{ cell.text | newline_to_br }}</td>
            {% endfor %}

Then you’ll have to add a bunch of logic. If you don’t have the programming skills, you’ll have to hire someone locally to write the theme for you. This forum is not the place to learn Liquid programming.

Honestly, I don’t understand the aversion to showing item codes on transactions. One sees them every day, even combinations of manufacturer’s product codes, SKU’s, catalog numbers, etc.

I can’t simply have 2 custom theme? one with the item code and another without?

I thought that since i would be just removing the line command for item code to show, that it would be simple, is it not?


You can have two custom themes. If you want, you can have a different custom theme for every transaction type. But that doesn’t mean they are simple. As I already told you, it is not a matter of removing one line of code. The item code appears as part of a loop that inserts every element of an array in the appropriate place. And that array’s content changes by transaction type, because themes work for all transaction types, even if you don’t want to use them for all.

Please don’t take offense, but the fact you must ask these questions shows you are probably not able to handle this on your own. That is nothing to be embarrassed about. Your business is most likely doing something completely different than programming.

No offense taken, thank you :slight_smile: