Sales Order showing wrong Status

Hello guys. Just noticed that the “status” in sales order isn’t showing the right information. I made sure that the references are linked in each module: sales quotation>sales order>sales invoice>delivery note. Despite the goods are delivered it still is showing undelivered. Is this a bug?

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Please note that the following three “modules” do not have financial impact. The Sales Invoice creates an accounts receivable and once you receive payment you would record the receipt to the Sales Invoice which then would change its status when paid in full to paid in full.

  • The guides at Create delivery notes | Manager explain that “…Delivery Notes have no financial impact. Indeed, they include no financial information. Delivery notes are completely optional…”

  • Similarly, the guides at Create sales quotes | Manager explain that “… A sales quote offers goods or services at defined prices and terms. Strictly speaking, it is not an accounting transaction and has no financial or inventory impact…”

  • Also the guides at Create sales orders | Manager explain that "A sales order records an order from a customer, usually for internal purposes. Strictly speaking, it is not an accounting transaction and has no financial or inventory impact. It does not involve actual provision of services, movement of inventory, or payment of money. In fact, it is not really necessary at all.

You need to post a Receipt against a Sales Invoice to change the status (if full paid) to Paid in Full.

When moving from Sales Quote to Sales Order you need to use in the view screen of the Sales Quote the “Copy to Sales Order” button, once done the status of the Sales Quote will change to “accepted”. Subsequently you need to use “Copy to Sales Invoice” to change the status of the Sales Order to “Invoiced” and finally in the Sales Invoice view screen you need to click on the New Receipt button to when completely paid will change the Invoice Status to “Paid in full” see Create sales invoices | Manager Some explanation on stamps at

As for the “Delivery Note” this one will just be a record on its own.

So no bug.

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