Sales and Purchase Order invoiced status wrong

Hi, i just updated to the latest version (Desktop and now a few of my Sales Ordes have got the status invoiced while they are not. Only the ones with the ammount zero are affected. When i change the ammount of the order from zero to e.g. 1 the invoiced status changes back to uninvoiced. Is guess that this is a bug.

Edit: It’s the same on Purchase Ordes.

I think it should be improved so it doesn’t show any status at all since status is not applicable.

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Maybe you should qualify this as a bug because it is unexpected behaviour not just undesirable one. I suggest this as you clear bugs at good speed but items in the Ideas category can linger for unknown lengths without priority status. As of writing there are 268 items in the Ideas category with the oldest dated “6 Jul 2017 at 2:42 PM” while there are only 3 are in the Bugs category all 23 November 2023 of which two dealing with Localizations and one on Inventory location.

Here is the topic that introduced this change. It’s intended behavior.

I see what you mean. I often use Sales Orders for orders based on actual costing and start at zero costs and now always have an invoiced status, which is strange. These status labels allow you to immediately see which orders have been completed or not, so I would hate to see them go away. Of course, I can solve this problem by entering an amount so that the amount is not zero. So now there is a solution for one workaround, which requires a workaround for the other. Perhaps the proposed checkbox is a better solution after all.


I do not see why you regard this as solving a problem. You do not have any expectation, when you enter a sales order, that the ultimate price invoiced will be zero. So put in your best guess, or copy a sales quote if you made one. No matter what you put in, you will not affect your income or net profit. And since you are only using sales orders as placeholders, where is the harm in editing them with up-to-date information, as you apparently are already doing?

I was reffering to,

Improved in the latest version (24.4.5)

If the order has order amount zero, then Invoice Status will be Not Applicable.

The same goes if the order has no inventory items to be received or delivered, then Delivery Status will be also Not Applicable.

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