Sales invoice are not fully workable

sales , delivery note , credit note and receipt are not functioning together.

I have made a sales invoice , but when i try to make receipt payment or delivery note it doesn’t reflect on the customer balance or inventory qnty.

i’m using the regular free Manager accounting software on windows 10.

any hint ?

many thanks

You need to illustrate what you are describing with screen shots. All these functions and transaction types work together as designed.

A sales invoice affects the customers subaccount in Accounts receivable.

If you have the Delivery Notes tab enabled, the quantity owned will not change until you create the delivery note. Delivery notes have no impact on customer’s accounts, because that was accomplished by the sales invoice.

A receipt does not affect inventory in any way. It only reduces the customer’s balance in Accounts receivable.

Dear many thanks for your reply. Kindly find attached my comments with photo.

  1. at the beginning lets say we make customer one the system as attached in the photo

  1. later we make two sales invoices for the same customer as shown in the next photos.

  1. at that stage we already made bank account named KFH

  2. now we want to get the payment from customer to this KFH account as the next photo.

at the right side , you see that amount received is shown as 590KWD.
until here everything seems to be okay. Later we face the issues

issue 1 : if we make Credit note incase client return some items , it doesn’t reflect in credit note page or even his balance. you can see that credit note is showing 4 credit notes but when we enter credit note page they are showing any credit notes. as thr attached photo

issue 2: we have inserted item number 1 in the inventory and its qnty is 30pcs. normally if i make delivery note for the same item , it should be deducted from the inventory.but you can see we already made delivery note for 7pcs from the same item but it didn’t deduct from the inventory. as the attached photo

i wish my explaination is clear enough.

your effort is truly appreciated


many thanks , hopefully my explaination is clear

You need to show the Edit screens for the transactions not the view screens

@ishkuwait, please post a screen shot of what you see when you visit the Inventory Item tab.


kindly find photo for the edit screen of the payment


Kindly find photo for the inventory

@ishkuwait, the Edit screen of the inventory item is not what I requested. I would like to see the Inventory Items tab listing, the screen you first see when visiting the tab.

Also, does your Summary page show a balance in the Suspense account in theEquity section of the balance sheet? If so, click on the balance and post a screen shot of what appears.


regarding inventory tabs is it the attached photo ?

the main page is not showing suspense account under equity section as the attached photo

@ishkuwait, your situation is not becoming much clearer. Let me summarize what we can learn from what you have shown us so far:

  • You have both the Delivery Notes and Goods Receipts tabs enabled. This means inventory sales and purchase transactions by sales invoices, purchase invoices, credit notes, or debit notes are not complete until a delivery note or goods receipt is created.
  • Your inventory was initially limited to item code ISH-ADB’s starting balance of 30 pieces. You have never purchased more.
  • You sold 7 pieces of ISH-ADB at a discounted price on sales invoice #1 and issued a delivery note for that sale.
  • You sold something (we cannot tell what) to your customer on an unserialized sales invoice for 70.00, but did not issue delivery note. Yet Manager shows no items to be delivered. This sale was at the regular price for item ISH-ADB, but you have not shown the sales invoice or any other record related to that sale. So this could have been a non-inventory sale. Or it might have been improperly entered.
  • You have issued 4 credit notes, but none show up. And you did not issue negative delivery notes for any of them. So we cannot tell what was returned (if anything) or whether you got back whatever it was.
  • The balances of Inventory on hand, Inventory - sales, and Inventory - cost are all zero. This suggests that either (a) no inventory sales were ever made or (b) the credit notes completely reversed the sales. However, there are no negative delivery notes that would have reversed the quantities returned on any credit note(s).

At this stage, that is all I can observe. I do not know whether this is a test business or the beginnings of a real business. But I suggest you do one of two things:

  1. Start over by creating a completely new business. Download and install a fresh copy of the latest version of Manager from the official web site. Set it up from scratch and re-enter everything. This time, make sure you enter negative delivery notes corresponding to any credit notes.

  2. If you think it might be helpful, more completely describe what you did to get to the current point. Illustrate with screen shots of the Edit screens of all relevant transactions you have not shown. In other words, do not give us bits and pieces. Tell a complete story from start to finish.


I appreciate the time you put to this topic but honestly most of the things you mentioned are logically have been done already.

I just deleted the software and made new , i will try with you business test. I will make one client for example called ahmed. i will make inventory called store. i will put 1 item , 10pcs in the store. i will sell 7 pcs , later make credit invoice of 2pcs that client return.

this is the general scenario i want to test and attached in the next reply the steps

this is the first step of creating inventory item

second step i make customer called ahmed

the next step i make sales invoice

next step i make bank account

next step i want to make payment receipt.

at this stage , under Receipts and payments it shows AMOUNT RECEIVED 10. but under sales invoice it shows BALANCE DUE 10. as if client didnt pay

and this is the first issue. Not sure why Receipt is not reflecting on the sales invoice DUE amount.

good news that credit note and delivery note now all are perfectly working.

can you just try to help why the sales invoice shows due amount 10 ? as i explained above

okay it seems like i have to make sales order after i make sales invoice for the payment to be done. am i right ?

okay dear it is solved

many thanks for your time

Your mistake is that the receipt should be posted to Accounts receivable > Ahmed > Invoice #, not to the inventory item. The receipt is settling what Ahmed owes you, not selling more inventory.

No, you do not have to make a sales order at all. Sales orders have no impact on anything. Think of them as convenient shortcuts for recording the fact that a customer has ordered something. But they do not record a sale or a receipt. They are totally optional.

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