Change sales invoice status

how to change “due in … days” in sales invoice status to “paid in full”

If you record the payment/receipts for it, the status will automatically change.

how can I record payment or receipts for it?

Read the Guide:

thank you

After finally learning how to get this working, I came back a day later to post payments. Here’s the issue I’m having:

  1. Create purchase invoice, setting it as a billable expense (This creates it as uninvoiced)
  2. While viewing this new invoice, select “New Sales Invoice”
  3. Edit all fields as necessary, leaving all the existing references alone (except placing a check box in the reference field setting it to automatic), then click UPDATE (This makes it say “Due in x days” when you look at sales invoices)
  4. go back to the sales invoice, click view, then New Receipt, fill out needed info, leaving references as automatic, then click update. (This changes it to “Paid in full”)
    go back, and either clone the receipt (changing the clone to payment), or choose to make a new receipt directly from the invoice screen, and set it as a payment, doing the same things otherwise as above.

This seems to result in the invoice returning to “Due in x days” instead of going away. This seems like a bug to me, unless I’m doing this wrong.

There is your problem: the receipt and payment cancel each other out because they are made on the account of the same customer.

What you should do is issue a payment against the purchase invoice or the supplier in step 1.
This way both you sales invoice as well your purchase invoice statuses will appear as paid in full.

Thank you! The guides are a bit confusing, and this is my first run with accounting software. I thought payments had to be made from the sales invoice, not the purchase invoice. This was my actual problem, and your help resolved my issue completely :slight_smile:

I am wondering why you posted the purchase invoice as a billable expense in the first place? You did not explain. Billable expenses are those you incur on behalf of a customer. If you have not, read the Guide:

I also wonder why you mention a purchase invoice at all. This topic is about sales invoices.

Are you referring to the Copy to function? If so, that creates a sales invoice entirely unrelated to the purchase invoice from which you copied it. It is just an entry shortcut. Read

As @Ealfardan wrote, you are basically going around in circles here.

Receipts are used to record money taken in from a customer against a sales invoice you issued to the customer. Payments are used to record money paid to supplier against a purchase invoice entered by you corresponding to a sales invoice from your supplier.

in this case, it is a single bill being split between multiple people, so i used the purchase invoice as a billable expense, with each person (entered as a customer) listed on the invoice, then made sales invoices for them out of that, and so on. The steps you mention in the last paragraph are exactly how I’m using the software.

My problem is that I was handling the payments the wrong way, thinking I had to make them from the sales invoice, or by using the sales receipt’s “Clone” button, instead of just doing it with the “New Payment” button on the related purchase invoice. I’m good now. :slight_smile:

I wasn’t referring to the “Copy to” function. In the desktop version, my step 2 is wrong… should be replaced by going to customer tab, clicking on the due balance of desired customer, view the uninvoiced item, then click “New Sales receipt”


Cloning is covered by this Guide:
Invoicing of billable expenses by this one:

All these Guides are available in context from within the program if you turn on the Learn How to… switch at the bottom of any screen.