Fullfilled SALES ORDER appear in red

Hello, in my sales order screen many orders which have been fullfilled show the total quantity delivered but still show red color and say not delivered

Can you show the full screen - thank you?

What do you get when you click on the qty to be delivered - for example the 1 on the first line?

Have you created a Delivery Note?
Have you invoiced?

And what edition and version are you using?

When I asked for the full cscreen, I meant the full screen - showing only partial screens hides a lot of information which may be of use and requires a lot of toing and froing asking questions which could be avoided if the full screen was shown initially

By full screen, I mean all of the screen including the tabs

not i dont have enabled delivery notes
Joe, line 1 is ok, i have not invoiced anything, the issue is have sales order fully delivered but still show status NOT INVOICED. Line 6 for example

Show the invoice that you say is not reflecting on line 6


@gerardo, you need to show the Edit screen for the sales invoice, not the View screen.

It looks like your problem is that you have not linked the sales invoice to the sales order. This happens on the sales invoice Edit screen. Since you are not using delivery notes, delivery is presumed to occur when the sales invoice is created. But you must establish the link. The easiest way to do that is to copy the sales order to a sales invoice. Then the sales order link is entered automatically.

Show the edit screen of the Sales Order too

well, i always do the sales invoices from the sales order, thus it is linked, if you see the sales invoice references the sales order

i am an user of the cloud edition, there is some kind of support where i can put a ticket or speak to someone

Have you ticked track delivery on the sales order - if so you must use delivery notes, I think

The only support is here on the forum so showing as many edit screens as possible will help to diagnose what you have done wrong.

understood, that is what is happening, i have all of the ticked, track qty to delivery, removed that mark and it works, thanks Joe

This is explained in the guides which are always first place to look :wink: