Sales Journal

Dear : Manager Admin
I need your help

I am accountant at medical center and we have many POS Machines And two bank Account And Our Journal revenue journal will be like that

Cash …> 1000
Bank 1 Visa…> 5000
Bank1 Amex…1>5000
Bank2.Visa …> 5000
Bank2 Amex …> 5000
Bank1.Bank chrges …> 50
Bank 1.Amex Chrge… > 100
Bank1.Bank chrges …> 50
Bank 1.Amex Chrges …> 100
Sales For A Depart… …> 10,000
Sales For B Depart …> 10,700
How Can I Make This Journal in Manager Program . Please Help

You cannot use journal entries to record movement of money into or out of the organization in Manager. You must use the Receipts & Payments tab. Read the Guides:

The only difference between ordinary receipts and payments and what you are doing is that you will probably want to enter a daily summary from the POS system for each type of transaction rather than record every individual transaction. Most POS systems have the ability to generate such a summary.