Sales Journal And Purchase Journal

Dear Manager Admin,
I am a user of manager, I hope Manager Admin can set up one Sales Journal and one Purchase Journal customize because I care for the sales/purchase amount only and no care about what goods I will sold and how much I sold. If Manager Admin Can do this Purchase/Sales Journal can let me save a lot of time no need key in all Sales/Purchase invoice detailed information. The important things is the purchase/sales journal must be link to ledger and final account. The journal can key in sales/purchase invoice number.

You can do this with current features of the program. It all depends on how you design your chart of accounts and which tabs you use. Basically, set up one income account and one expense account. Use receipts and payments allocated to those accounts.

What you describe is simply a cash book. If that is all you want, there is really no reason to use a double-entry accounting system like Manager. You can do it with a spreadsheet.