Accounts Receivable

I am not sure how this works.
Trial Balance
I invoiced a customer an amount of 4550.00.
Manager Debit Account Receivable with 4550.00.
Manager Credit Retained Earnings with 4550.00
Manager Credit Retained Earnings with 4550.00

The Customer pays
I make a receipt of the 4550.00
Trial Balance
Sales Credit 9100.00
Accounts Receivable Debit 4550.00
Cash at Bank Debit 4550.00
Retained Earnings Credit 9100.00

How do I correct this? I have never had sales of 9100.00
Should I do a Journal
Sales Debit 4550.00
Retained Earnings Credit 4550.00
Is it not better then when a customer pay do a journal Credit Retained Earnings 4550.00
Debit Sales 4550.00 in place of doing a receipt?

I assume u are selecting Sales account again while making receipt which is repeating the sale. Change it to account receivable and select customer. If this doesn’t solve your issue, then post screenshots of the receipt edit screen.

After Invoicing

After Receipt

There was only one payment of 4550.00

I have never received income of 9100.00.

I have made no Journal entries. I only invoiced an amount of 4550.00 and got paid 4550.00.
I made a receipt of 4550.00.

Edit your receipt. Select accounts receivable instead of sales. What u have done is a cash sale and a credit sale.

Receipt does not have that option.

I can only select the sales accounts it appears

Thats because u have selected an item. Unselect that item then you will be able to select an account.


@shahabb Thank You. It is fine now. Thank You again