Restaurant - how to make the sales entry easier

I am testing this software now since one hour.

I know, it is a bit early to ask questions, but I have two simple ones.

I am a restaurant owner, and want to use this software (mainly) for following up my daily business transactions.
We sell every day hundreds of drinks and food (beer ,wine, steaks etc) to ‘anonymous’ customers on cash or credit card basis.

I loved using the ‘sales invoices’ function, BUT it is too formal and a bit time consuming to enter ‘ordinary sales’ to our ‘anonymous customers’.

  1. Is there a simple sales screen, where I can enter e.g. 'Inventory Sales - Beer (Credit) AGAINST Cash or Banks (Debit)?
  2. Is there a batch import function to import hundreds of such journal entries all at once?

I do not have the time to write journal entries bottle by bottle at midnight :smile:

Just make entries summarizing the entire day’s transactions at the end of the day. Sales invoices are for when you are billing a customer who will pay in the future. Your entries will be Receive Money entries in the appropriate cash or bank accounts.

I don’t work in that kind of field, so your question is a new scenario to me. If you just want to record the income, then just receive money in the bank account and don’t bother with sales invoices. If you want to track inventory such as beer and various reports related to inventory, then you would need to use sales invoices and inventory. What I would do is create two customers called card restaurant customers and cash restaurant customers then do a sales invoice at the end of the working day and allocate to inventory all the beer sold etc.

What you could do is create a dummy invoice that you clone and just put in the quantities for the beer, meat etc.

You will have to play with this one and see what works for you also depending on what you want to achieve ie just record income or do more analysis on sales of goods etc. I am unfamiliar with restaurants so not sure how other people do it.

I don’t really know the nature but you can put a book by you and create culums to track all the details of your transactons and enter them manually.
You may as well buy the network version for $199 and have about 3 or 4 order desks where your restaurant workers can make inputs into the software before issuing the products to the customers.

Thank you all for your answers.

I think, dalacor’s reply is the closest to what I am trying to achieve. Dummy customer accounts could work for a while.
The function ‘inventory sales’ is good, because it keeps track of the inventory, tax and revenue at the same time. Thus, I want to keep using it.

But somehow a ‘batch import’ function to create inventory sales journal entries would be very helpful, because I sell around 50 different types of goods (food & beverages) during the day, and it would have been great to make a list with 50 lines with the details Cash/Credit Card Accounts (Debit) against Inventory Items (Credit).

You don’t have to use sales invoices to sell inventory. You can simply Receive money under Bank accounts tab or Cash accounts tab and allocate the received money to Inventory - sales account, then select inventory item (similar how you would do it under sales invoices)

Thats interesting to know. I only suggested you invoices and two dummy customers to make it easier to keep track of what is being paid cash and what is being paid in bank account. But having said that if he has a cash account and a bank account, I suppose that this would work as well.

As far as batch import into receive money or sales invoice for 50 different items, thats not possible as yet, but I can see that being a useful feature for businesses like yours.

What I personally think you should do for the restaurant is have your sales terminals linked to your accounting software in some way, so that at the end of the day, if your sales terminals say 50 beers sold, it shows this in the accounting software as well.Otherwise you are duplicating your work. Like I said, not a field I work in, but this is what I would do. Computerise your sales terminal to record your inventory sales and then somehow link that up with your accounting software - perhaps in the form of an automated import every 24 hours. But I am not sure how that would work.