Journal entry

How do you do a journal entry when you buy somtheng and pay with cash? say you buy some office supply for 100$

I put 100$ in expense in credit and 100$ in What debet???

You don’t use a journal entry. Read the Guide about making cash purchases.

Ok thanks but can you help me with this?

Fish sale total 5000$
Ice fee 100$
fishing fee 500$
reception fee 200$
sales fee 200$
4000$ are then put in your Bank account.
How do you put this in manager?

@zecolleman I’m thinking you are totally new in this forum.

Here read the guides and come back to us with things you found difficult to understand.

I did read the guides. But I could not find out how to do this.
Thanks for the help.

Did you read this Guide: That explains cash purchases. But what you describe is a sale, not a purchase, and therefore a receipt. But you have some deductions, which might need to be treated separately as purchases.

The first step is proper design of your chart of accounts. See and In doing this, you must decide whether you want or need to have separate visibility into your various fees. If so, create appropriate expense accounts for them.

If you don’t need to track the expenses, just create a receipt for the net amount of the sale, in this case 4000$. Post it to an appropriate income account.

If you do need to track the expenses, you can enter a receipt for the full fish sale amount and a payment or payments (depending on who the fees go to) for the fees. Post each fee to the appropriate expense account.

If all transactions are with the same entity, you could also just create a receipt and enter the fees as part of it on separate lines, but as negative numbers. In that case, enter the full amount of the fish sale.