Invoices still says paid in full

I have tried all suggestions,but every invoice I create still says’‘paid in full’’

Have you selected “Customer” in drop-down when creating new invoice?

Hi, yes I have selected ‘‘Customer’’ still same thing

What happens if you select different customer? Still the same issue?

Can you describe an example? Are you invoicing for products, services, or expenses? And when you create the sales invoice, what account do you allocate the line item(s) to?

Hi, tried different customers, still same issue

Invoicing for products, line items allocated to sales account

Under the Sales Invoice tab, choose any invoice and, under the “Balance due” column click on the blue number. (For an invoice Manager believes is paid in full, that number should be zero.) You should see a list of at least two transactions. One should be described as “Sales Invoice” and should list the invoice number. The amount should show in black. The other (if the invoice was paid via a single transaction) should be the offsetting payment in red, a negative number. It would typically be described as “Receive Money.” If the invoice was paid in more than one installment, there should be more than one such entry.

The payment amount (or sum of amounts if paid in more than one transaction) should exactly offset the invoice amount. Otherwise, Manager would not be telling you the invoice is paid in full.

You don’t need to share any details about your clients or pricing. But please describe what you see when you perform this procedure. If you don’t see see something similar to what I’ve described, your problem does not lie with Sales Invoices, but with something else you are doing.

Also, when you sell inventory items, be sure you are following procedures described in this link:

You must record sales to the proper account or your inventory will be off. However, I don’t believe that would cause an invoice to immediately be shown as paid in full.

There are a few other conditions which could result in invoice not being part of general ledger and therefore not having any balance due. If you like, send your accounting file to and I’ll look into it.