Problem with A/R

I have an outstanding accounts receivable that shows up in accounts summary and general ledger summary, but the invoice itself has been paid in full, and says at the bottom “PAID IN FULL”. Under Sales Invoices, it shows paid in full, and under Customers there is a zero balance as well. However, the transaction is not listed in the transactions list that I access via the general ledger summary.
I’ve tried updating the invoice, but nothing changes.
What can I do?

Summary tab is always showing figures as of today while Sales invoices tab includes also future transactions.

Make sure there are no transactions with future date in under your Bank accounts or Cash accounts tabs. If there are, fix the date.

In future, Manager will show warnings if transactions with future dates are entered to avoid these issues.

Thank you. I finally found out that to change the date, I had to go back to Receive Money and change the date there. Perhaps highlighting a future date in red would help?

I think it’s a good idea. The latest version (14.4.28) now shows future dates in red to highlight potential problem.