Received amounts for sales invoice on incomes summary?

When I receive a payment for sales invoice, to show it “full paid”, i register the amount as “account receivable” entry (as indicated in the Manager documentation instructions).

This amount however, is not shown on the income summary?
Which is the correct way to register received amount?

What do you mean it’s not visible on the income summary?

When you receive money from customer, let’s say through bank account, it will increase your Cash at bank and decrease your Accounts receivable.

Hi lubos,
I send you the screenshots. Hope i can explain better my problem.

  1. Sales invoice (1 pic)
  2. Cash on Bank Eur account situation (1 pic)
  3. Summary (3 pic)

thanks for your great support!
cheers Pietro

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I am also confused about it. A reply would very helpful

When creating sales invoices, what account are you selecting under Account field?

Also, what is your Start Date set to under Settings tab?

Hi Lubos,

  1. I used “income -> sales” as account to create the invoice

  2. The starting date under setting was set on june instead of march.
    (I had only changed the summary starting date before recording all the data).

So the starting date was the issue. I have modified it to march.
Manager, however, has created unwanted exchange rate currency gain/loss not editable.
Now the balance now on SUMMARY “Eur Cash on bank” (wrong) doesn’t match the BANK ACCOUNT Eur Cash on Bank (wrong). And so forth is the other values connected.
I guess i should work on the exchange rate values, right?

This anomaly with multi-currency is known issue. If you add exchange rates for June 2, 2014, the balance will be 0.00

In future, Manager will automatically download exchange rates for all dates it needs so you don’t have to manually enter them.

I did add an exchange rate on 2 june before, but still have problem.
i’ll working on it and wait for the update as well.

With the occasion i want to thank you and all your staff for the amazing software and support.
have a good day.

I also have noticed similar – since upgrading from v14.5.39 to the current release. There seems to have been some change in the way accounts receivables are handled, which leads to a (paid) invoice amount not being shown in the “Income” section of Summary, or when I figured out how to resolve that issue, it then made an extra entry in the bank account, and made the bank balance incorrect.

Also, I saved my Manager 14.5.39 application (Im on mac) but when I try to open it to see if the problem is not present in the old app, I get a huge error message that starts like this:

“ManagerServer.SerializationException: Exception of type ‘ManagerServer.SerializationException’ was thrown. at ManagerServer.Upgrade.Get () <0x01b57>”

Is there a way to successfully revert to the older version?

This is a very inconvenient time for problems being right on end of financial year (in my country), but I do appreciate the excellent work on this software!

Hello all, I’m new to this forum - I like Manager accounting software very much and am using v 15.6.22.
Just starting to enter invoices and receipts for the current financial year (self-employed person).
I appear to have a similar problem related to receipts issued on the invoice ‘Paid in Full’ received in (Dr) Cash @ Bank - Accounts Receivable (Liability) (Cr) but this account has not changed on the Summary - the Payer amount o/standing has reduced (Balance due A$0.00).

Perhaps you could tell me what I have done incorrectly?
If I want to reduce Accounts receivable and Customer account should I do a journal entry at some point?
Any help will be most appreciated. Thanks in advance, nemo51

Can you show the screenshot of transaction that has “marked” your invoice as paid?

Click on the amount A$ 0.00 under Balance due column to find this transaction.

Sorry for the delay - I have two screens (bit of a challenge) I hope this will be a good shot.

Now, click on Edit button for that “receive money” transaction and show screenshot of that.

Hope you can you manage to read these ??

OK, what you are doing wrong is this…

when you create sales invoice, use income account such as Sales or something like that.

What you did was to create Accounts receivable account under liabilities in your chart of accounts and then used this account on invoice. That’s non-sense. So fix your invoice by selecting some income account, then delete this custom account you have created.

Many thanks - really appreciate your first hand support. Brilliant software support - thanks again!! :smile:

Perfect outcome - $0 liabilities in Summary. Excellent - Thank you, thank you :slight_smile: