Data Not Visible

So I turned on my laptop this morning and opened the software and I can see all my invoice numbers but when I open them nothing is there. All my sales invoices data are gone! can someone help me to get them back ? Images attached.

Do not panic. The screen you show is not your data. Your data resides in a file separate from the application. And the fact that invoice dates and numbers are shown means Manager can access it. It just isn’t displaying for some reason. So first things first:

  1. What edition are you using? Desktop, server, or cloud?
  2. What version under About Manager?
  3. What operating system?
  4. Can you see content if you click on Edit or View?
  5. Have you closed the program and restarted it?
  6. Have you rebooted your computer?

2.Manager 16.11.87
3.Windows 8.1 - 64bit
4.Cant no data is shown
5.yes few times now
6.yes couple of times

Have you ever modified the default location of your data file on the About Manager page? Do you have a recent backup you can import? If so, temporarily rename your existing company so you can distinguish it, then import the backup with the Add Business button. See if it works properly.

Nope did not modified. did what you asked for. Same problem. Can see the invoice numbers but cant see data in it. Please help me soon, Shop is opened and I cant do anything without this software.

What do you see when you select other tabs besides Sales Invoices? For example, I assume you have one or more cash accounts, so when you click the Cash Accounts tab, do you see account information and balances? What about Customers, etc?

have no cash accounts. But can see all employees, purchase invoices, purchase orders, inventory items, customers. And I dont use customers always to create a sales invoices. There are two sales invoices with customer tab filled and I can view and edit thsose two invoices. Others I cant as i said. Please help.

You must have at least one, or you are not in business. Remember, cash accounts include bank accounts. If your software still separates them, you are far out of date. Update.

This is your problem. You can’t create a sales invoice without first defining the customer and choosing a customer from a list. Maybe you updated from a really old version that would let you do that and now those transactions are blank. Try drilling down on the balance of a cash or bank account and see if you can recover things that way.

If you are not selling on credit to defined customers, see this Guide:

yes ive used this software for over an year now. updated to lates last week, worked properly. now this morning only this problem happened. I know its bad to create invoices without customer name on it but now i have no option but t recover this, earlier i used Manager 16.2.41. Please send me a link to download this version atleast to recover and print all my invoices for now. Then i can upgrade to newest and do this properly. So please help me.

If you need to quickly print some invoice, create a customer, edit an invoice and assign that customer to it.

Do it for all invoices because invoices without customer are basically invalid.

Thanks Both of you. It worked that way, Thanks a lot, Saved my day and my business.