Customer Statement not generating

Looking to update to cloud version of manager io. When i try to generate customer statements for customers that want a history of their transactions, it is only showing the invoice and not payments they have made to offset the amount on the invoice and the closing balance. Please advise. Followed instructions in the guide and still nothing is happening

Did you select [Customer Statements (Transactions)] in [Reports]?

Yes I did.
Followed instructions as set in guide but receipts from customer are not showing.

You need to furnish screen shots of:

  • A receipt posted against a sales invoice.
  • A Customer Statement report for the relevant period that does not show the receipt.

Please find screenshots attached

Apparently you have not linked the receipt to the invoice number 733.
Now the receipt says [Inventory - sales]
If the receipt is linked to invoice 733 then it says [Accounts receivable - Name of the client (Melissa Supermarket Kabulonga) - invoicenumber (733) - and date (07-10-2022)].

How to I link it to invoice 733


You will have to scroll down the page to see:

Receipts against sales invoices

Select the invoice on the Edit screen.

By the way, Edit screens are far more useful for troubleshooting than View screens. The latter do not include all relevant information.

I have attached screenshots of the edit screen. when trying to edit receipt i could not see option to link invoice like in the guide.

Instead of choosing Inventory - sales for the account, choose Accounts receivable. This will bring up the option to select the customer (which should be prefilled with the customer you selected in the Paid by field) and the sales invoice.

Thank you so much. Problem solved

Great. It’s probably worth taking the time to read the guide that @ries linked to above, as this discusses exactly this scenario. As well as the practical aspect, it’s important that you understand the financial implications for recording a basic receipt (which records income) versus a receipt against a sales invoice (where the sales invoice records the income, not the receipt). You had done both, effectively recording the same income twice.