Problems since last week

We’ve been using Manager for around 18 months with no problems. However, since last week we have had a number of issues:

  1. All of our invoices were prepared using the ‘work in progress’ account. This seems to have been deleted in the update with the result that all of our invoices were assigned to a suspense account.

  2. We therefore went through every invoice and reallocated it as a ‘sale’. On approximately half of these invoices, the VAT element had disappeared, so we went through each invoice again to ensure that VAT had been claimed.

  3. We then ended up with seemingly random amounts still being outstanding against a large number of invoices. (Using as an example, we had invoiced £276.58 including VAT, we have received £276.58 which was assigned to that invoice but a balance owing of £0.44 is showing).

  4. Where the invoices had amounts outstanding we deleted the entry representing the money which had been received in relation to that invoice and created a new one. This resulted in the invoice showing as being paid in full, but the amount which we had in the bank account into which that money was received increased.

  5. In addition, whenever we create new invoices they are showing as having been paid in full. I have created a test client and prepared invoices to the test, but the issue is still there. The problem is present whether or not VAT is added to the net amount invoiced.

If anyone has any thoughts on any (or all!) of these issues, we would be very grateful. We have spent a lot of time trying to get to the bottom of the issue and are close to deciding to use other software, which we would much rather not do!

Many thanks in advance,

First of all, you shouldn’t have done any of those steps. If new version ever breaks something, you need to report it without trying to fix it. You will save yourself time.

Anyway, since you’ve done all those steps, it leaves us with the last issue and that is how is it possible when invoice has balance of £276.58 and allocating £276.58 payment against it won’t settle the balance due.

I suspect the issue is related how tax codes are used. When you are recording payment from customer, you will select Accounts receivable account. But you are not meant to select any tax code. This is because tax amount has been captured when recording the sale on invoice. Selecting tax code when receiving payment from customer is not subject to VAT.

Previous versions were ignoring tax code if it was used on Accounts receivable account so even if you’ve used that tax code in accounts receivable context, Manager would recognize it as a bookkeeping error and would make it right.

When custom control accounts have been introduced last week, this tax check stopped working. The latest version (16.7.92) is putting this “tax check” back in the program so have a look at your accounting file against to see if the issue still persists.

Sorry to hear that you have been having problems since updating.

I would concur that if you experience a problem after an upgrade, always report the issue first as this will save you a lot of time and frustration as usually the problem can be fixed quite quickly by fixing the bug in the latest version. There is usually no need to change any data anywhere.

It would be helpful to bear in mind that programming is not an exact sience in that virtually every company will from time to time experience problems like this when an update breaks functionality or something is different about the program and it should not be. As mentioned reporting the issues would be your first port of call especially with Manager as they are very quick to fix any bugs once reported.

Hope that you get everything ironed out!