Not able to generate a Customer Statement

Reports/ customer statemets/ fill in the parameters/ next…nothing appears…how do I get this report to generate

I have Manager on another computer with similar business…I have no problem generating a Customer Statement with that one

I have read all the posts I can find on this subject and nothing is telling me what I am doing wrong or how to generate the Customer Statement

Were you selecting “unpaid invoices” or “transactions” ? If “transactions”, then the “From” field must have a date, can’t be left blank otherwise “nothing appears”.

I have tried both “unpaid invoices” and “transactions” and have filled in the dates…nothing works

I have 8 invoices dated from 2/28/15, all invoices are outstanding, the 2/285/15 has 1 payment…the range for transactions would be 2/28/15 to 6/2/16…still nothing happens

I just started this business in Manager and may have left something out when creating the business but have not found it yet.

Have you entered a Settings - Start Date ? say Feb 1, 2015

The start date is 2/28/15…1 customer, starting balance as “balance due”

On the Summary tab and you click on Accounts Receivable balance - do you see the Customers and then the transactions ?

I do not see “Accounts Receivable balance” to click on

Make the starting date 2/27/15 or any day less

I found accounts receivable balance under the customer tab, and yes the transactions are there

I change the starting date to 2/1/15


Still not generating a customer statement

If you can see accounts receivable balances under Customer tab, then you must also be able to see Accounts Receivable Balance on Summary tab under Assets.

Equity shows retained earnings which equals the payments made

Customer has been entered through customers tab and created sales invoice through sales invoice tab and selected the customer

yes,that is correct

Can you post screen shots of the Asset section of the Summary tab and Customers tab listing - Please

give me a moment

ok…how do i add the screen shot

When entering a reply there is a row of icons above - select the icon with arrow pointing up with a bar underneath

Actually can you show screenshot of your Sales Invoices tab? That would be more revealing as Summary screen can be set to show figures on cash basis and it wouldn’t show accounts receivable even if you have some.