Sales Invoice with Multiple Pages not emailing / printing correctly

Hi, I am a new Manager customer and have been reading issues that other customers are having with printing / emailing invoices that stretch over 1 page but have not found an adequate answer.

The problem I am having when emailing as PDF is that the first page displays the header only, the second page displays the header and a listing of all items on the invoice and the third page again shows the header over the top of the remaining items leaving the Subtotal and Total quite hard to read.

When printing the invoice, I have saved it to PDF Complete and the same thing as above happens. Even when I print it normally, the same occurs. Is there a setting that I need to fix up in the desktop edition? Any help / guidance would be greatly appreciated as I really like this program as it suits all of my needs and I would rather stick with Manager rather than moving to another accounting program.

There is new PDF button which will generate PDF document internally. Can you click on that button when viewing multi-page invoice and see if you get correct PDF?

Make sure you are on the latest version as PDF button is bleeding edge feature which is still being developed to address these issues.

Thank you for that Lubos, but I am not sure where you are talking about. When I view the Sales Invoice before printing / emailing, all I see is the following:

Is this where the PDF button you are referring to located? Thanks

You need the latest version to see it.

Ok, I only downloaded the desktop edition 2 weeks ago, but I will check to make sure that I am on the latest version. Thanks again

So I can confirm that I am on what I believe to be the latest version Manager 16.9.78. Is this correct?

Found it via an update. Thanks for your help. Keep up the great work

Now please do as asked and answer @lubos’s question about whether PDF is correct.


First of all, thanks for the great software. I am also having trouble with the multi-page PDF. I am running Linux Mint version 17.2 and have Manager version 16.10.2 and I do not see the PDF option. I tried apt-get update followed by apt-get install manager-accounting and it says I have the newest version.


You don’t have the newest version. You are out of date by about 100 updates. Your version completely predates introduction of the PDF button mentioned in the foregoing posts.

Ok, I understand. But I’m not sure how to get the newest version on my Linux machine. I installed through the command line and this was the version I got.

I’ve actually got a larger problem now. I tried installing the manager.deb file from the downloads section to see if it would update it, and now I can’t open Manager at all. I tried uninstalling and re-installing but still can’t open. I will revisit the PDF problem later once I get a working copy again.

Follow the Mono installing instructions

These instructions seem to be for server addition. I only need desktop edition. Is mono necessary for desktop edition? I don’t recall installing it before when it was working but I may have forgotten.

Ok, everything is working now. I actually installed mono anyway to see and after restarting the system Manager works again, and now I have the updated version with the PDF option.

Thank you everybody who helped!