Printing out lots of blank pages

Before software update: Sales Quote prints in 2 pages.

After the latest update for the Manager software: Sales Quote prints out in 6 pages. First 4 pages are blank, and the last 2 are the actual sales quote.

This prints out the same on either physical printer or PDF by using the Print button. But when I click Email , the PDF that is received through email is 2 pages only (which is great).

The blank pages seems to appear every time a Quote or Invoice have to go to 2 pages. When I rescale the printout at the printer settings from 100% to 90%, so that the print fits within 1 page, the printout will be only 1 page. No blank pages at all. So, in the meantime, I am rescaling it to 90%.

Print paper setting is A4.

I had this same problem with printing an invoice to PDF recently. Everything was fine for a single page but when it ran on to two pages, blank sheets appeared.

I’m using a custom design for my invoices so did assume that to be the problem and was planning to rebuild it but if this is happening with sales quotes, which I believe can’t be customised, perhaps there is a wider problem?

Do you have the same issue when printing multi-page sales invoices?

Having the issue for multi-page sales invoice, quotation, purchase order. Plenty of blank pages, then the last 2 pages will be the actual content pages.

But this issue is happening only when printing using Print button right? If you email yourself PDF using Email button, the issue is gone. Correct?

That’s correct.

Then there is no solution to this problem as the issue occurs outside of Manager. The only workaround is to use Email button for multi-page documents.

In future Manager will be able to generate PDF internally which will resolve this issue but for the time being, there is no solution, only workaround with Email button.

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Keep up the great effort, lubos! :wink:

we request you to fix that issue as soon as possible - since printing is the major part of invoicing
Thank you

I too have the same issue if it the invoice is of more than one page.How should I Fix it ?
The first page is blank
2 page the customer name gets printed
3&4th page the invoice prints.

How should I fix up this issue ? Kindly help me out in this please.

@Austro_Led_Lights, please read forum threads before joining them. If you had, you would know there is no solution right now.

Hey, this is what I do. I use CutePDF for PDF printout. And a physical printer to print direct to paper.

  • Each time I want a PDF or printout, I will click print, and go to printer Properties > Advanced > Change Ratio ot 90% or 80% . So that the printout will fit in a sheet of paper. And print.
  1. I try to make it fit in1 page only.
  • Another way to do is to email the page to yourself, and download the PDF.

I have read the thread and it’s very old so i thought the solution has come out that is why I have posted the query.

Even I am facing this issue.i tried downloading the select2 software but didn’t know what and how to use it as I am new in this field.

Sorry to add to this thread, but users are in trouble either way here

Print button does not function at all (so installing more capable pdf printing drivers does not help) - If the print button does work for you then this would probably help.

Email button format is incorrect (mutiple blank pages, overlayed totals and other incongruencies when >1 page)

I’m at a loss for how to get a valid electronic invoice out.

I have just discovered that if you own a copy of Adobe Acrobat Pro (I know that is not the case for lots of people) I got mine with an academic edition of Adobe Design Cs5 years ago. That you can select all the text for the invoice in the manager screen and then click copy and there is an Adobe Acrobat Option to Create a PDF from the Clipboard data.

This is not pretty (it creates window edges for the manager screen)
but it is prettier than the email to button.

This issue will be resolved in a few days as Manager will be able to generate PDF output locally and this will be applied to Print button.

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