Multiple page sales invoices

I’ve got a problem when printing invoices. If the number of items in the list is more than 15-20 it will print in the next page.

We need the recurring pages to be printed with the details which is on the first page along with the extended items list, also is there any possibility of removing the Received Amount tab while printing.

To be honest, I didn’t look into multiple page invoice printing but it is coming up more often lately. I’ll check this out.

I think Amount received field could be hidden if it’s 0.00, would that work for you?

please consider to repeat header and footer of the main page while printing in multiple pages.

even if the amount received field is 0.00, still it is printing in the invoice with that amount received field, please fix it.

Great Topic!

I am facing the same issue. More relevantly, for me it is important to have the Logo repeated on subsequent pages of the invoice… A few of my invoices which run into several sheets (when printed…when not printed, it appears as a single sheet on manager) are getting rejected by clients because subsequent pages do not have the company details and logo.

While this is getting resolved, I am making do by trying to photoshop the logo onto other pages following first, but need a more permanent resolution. (To have Logo optionally would be really great).

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Also - I see in print options, you have included the option to repeat header and footer. What I really need repeated though, is the LOGO :slight_smile:

And - How do I get rid of Footer? If possible, i would like to keep only the Header (and add the full company details here), and remove/edit Footer.

The main issue is that currently Manager is depending on operating system web-browser to do the printing. This makes it really difficult to come up with solution that works consistently across all platforms Manager runs on.

So instead of trying to play whack-a-mole game, I’m adding ability to Manager so it can produce PDF versions of printable content internally without relying on external software. This is the new Save button which doesn’t work everywhere yet, but it will solve a huge array of printing issues once fully implemented.

I don’t have quick fix right now but if you remind me in about 3-4 weeks (when Save button is fully working), I should be able to fix it then.

Excellent. I checked the Save button, and yes, it doesn’t yet work completely…but it appears that this could be the fix (once fully implemented) which will solve this problem. Thanks :smile: And yes… will remind you about this again in a few weeks.

Were you able to look at this? I have an invoice now, which goes to 9 pages. And I am unable to submit it because there’s no logo except for the first page.

When it comes to printing multi-page invoices, if the height of the header is more than 251px, then it won’t print on subsequent pages. One workaround is to make your logo smaller (let’s say 100px in height) so there is still enough height for your company address before it goes over 251px.

As I said, these are weird bugs (or undocumented features?) when you rely on third-party programs to do the printing for you. That’s why I’m trying to implement internal PDF generator as soon as possible so I have full control over this. Not to mention, doing it internally, sending emails from Manager will get a lot faster and will open up for new possibilities (such as bulk-emailing etc). So Save button won’t only solve your issue, but many others too.

Tried considering your option of reducing the px height of the image, but that would mean reducing the company address details too, so this doesnt work too well - or at least not as a best case scenario.

The internal PDF generator on the other hand, would be a perfect resolution to this problem. Looking forward to seeing this implemented as soon as possible.


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