Sales Invoice Template - new column

I have been using Manager for a while now and it’s been really promising on all grounds. Although i would just need one concern of mine addressed, as below.

Sales Invoice Template
I have been wanting to add a column field at the very end right after tax as Freight Charges,
Can you please let me know how this can be achieved.


This is not currently possible. Perhaps in future I’ll implement something called “custom line item columns” which could facilitate this.

For now, you will simply need to use “add line” button and specify freight charges on line item below.

I am using Manager Software for accounting. When i make the sales invoice, it do not show the amount in words. And kindly let me know if i can add product codes for the same. Thanks


Much appreciate it man, look forward to your updates and the custom field integration.

Hello Lubos,
Trust you doing good,

I explored HTML Templates option to custom create my Sales invoice and it just works fantastic…all values bind and just feel right.

My only concern now is, I have two Businesses created and i wanted the invoice custom created in View Template of “Business 1” to be copied on to the other Business(Business 2) within the Manager.

Unfortunately the copy option in the HTML Templates doesn’t seem to work, is there any other alternative or do i have to enter the whole thing manually in the other Business. Although i am able to paste the script in the “View Template” Window but it just doesn’t allow me to Copy.

Do let me know of your valuable inputs.