Sales Quote Signature or Template edit

How can i add in signature to sales quote?

As i found out that when we create a new template, it can apply to sales invoices and we can bold the word or some comment or condition terms.

Just wondering how can i do this or apply the template i edit to sales quote? or this function haven’t been release yet? As i put in custom field, it doesn’t show when i print out whatever i write in custom field

It’s not yet possible to edit HTML template for sales quote but this is finally coming next month.

means end of this month it will be release?

next month.

so will i able to use the template i create on sales invoices? because the signature i already created.

hi lubos, are this function already available?

In the latest version, you can create custom field and mark it to show on printed sales quote. This way you don’t have to use HTML.


Sorry but I think that this is not what we need as there is visible Title of the field and we can’t position it in the middle of the Sales quotes template. I don’t understand why we cant use footer section of the invoice or similar solution as all we need is simple footer on the middle of the page in one line which break when is and of space to new line.

At the moment I would like that default footer stays as option not that I need to write it or paste it every time when I write Sales quote as custom field does not show me what I entered in there just empty field with Title of the custom field.

Is there any in depth explanation of what means and what options we have with “Position” create new custom fields under the Sales quote.

Custom fields will be shown always at the bottom. Position field is important only if you have multiple custom fields so you can control which custom fields should be shown first at the bottom. Nothing more.

Right now, it’s not possible to show custom field in other location other than in the bottom.

But why Default text is not saved and shown when you decide to use this custom field in quotes. There is shown as ampty field with Title of custom field without Default text entered when creating this custom field.

You can set default text for custom field. Just go to Custom fields, edit custom field and set default text.

I did that but is not saved and I can’t usit in quotes. As I say it just show ampty field there.

Please see images:

Default text will be put there for new sales quotes only. It will not affect existing sales quotes.

OK thank you. I hope that you could implement HTML5 themes for quotes in the future also, as we have offers which need to look like invoices and that is impossible at the moment.

Thank you for all you are doing for us.

How does a sales quote, possibly with a different name (which can be anything you want) not look like an invoice?

Having ability to change a name to anything does not make theme look like invoice theme as with HTML theme I can create almost exactly what I want. At the moment with quote theme we are forced to use one static field and a custom field with all text at the left side of theme space and with no ability to make any html editing. I’d like to have static footer at the middle of the page for example, or director signature at the right side.

If it’s fine to you that does not mean this is ok for all. I am aware of that making software for everyone is difficult but with some integration of TinyMCE WYSIWYG HTML Editor this would be more flexible to many users not just to some. My be already existing code for creating an invoice theme could be used also for creating quotes theme (just an idea).

I believe that Lubos and he’s team is doing a great job. Don’t get me wrong here please but this software is become so good also be cos we users are asking for new things and improvement’s. Manager software is build also on user experiences and I think if we have some ideas or wishes we need to pot it here on the forum and Lubos will tell if that is possible or not.

I am not demanding anything here and I am sorry if my post look like I did.



You did not appear to be demanding anything. I just thought you might not be aware of the options with sales quotes.