Is it possible to edit sales invoice template

The default template is not good for my business. In first line I want No., in the 2nd line product description and in the 3rd line serial no. and so on.

If I use custom template then is it possible to sync products and customers to that template, i.e if I sell 1 item in custom template then will it deduct from stock?

This will be possible when custom fields are exposed in template. This will allow you to add custom fields on inventory items level and then use them in custom template.

And yes, when you use custom templates, stock will be deducted if you sell inventory items just like with default template.

In one of your blogs on invoice templates (I read prior to logging in), you write:

To make invoices use your template:
Go to Settings tab.
Click View Templates.
Click the New View Template button to create a new template.
Enter a name for the template into the Name field, then template markup to Markup field. By default, markup field will contain default sales invoice template. You can make subtle changes or override all the content with your custom markup.
Use Preview button to quickly see how the template will render for various invoices.
Click the Create button to save the template.
When you go to create new sales invoice under Sales Invoices tab, you will see list of custom templates under View Template field.

BUT> at the Preview stage, there is no CREATE button, so my work in coding does not change and I cannot apply it to new invoices. Why is that?

After previewing, dismiss the preview pop-up by clicking somewhere else (ie, within the background Manager window but outside the preview pop-up), and then you can click the Create (or Update) button, on the bottom left below the Markup field.

Also be advised, @MicheleA, that when you use the default template example, it does not include all the functionality of the standard sales invoice. It is not even the actual code used to generate the standard invoice. So partial payments, Paid in Full stamp, etc., will not appear.

Ok, but how can I access the code for all of the reports if the templates on offer don’t match the produced standard reports?

I want to modify

  • Profit and loss
  • Customer statements
  • Customer receivables

It’s not possible to create HTML template for those reports. It could be one day but you are the first person asking.

Hi again, so how can the customer Statements be changed in format?
Statements and invoices should have a remittance slip on the bottom for customer to send with payment. If not, at least I want to be able to add a custom field with Payment Options so customers can pay by EFT.
Will you make the layout code available please? Or allow custom fields.

Exclusively Strata

They cannot.

Payment details properly belong on an invoice, not on a statement, because payments should be made against invoices, not statements. You cannot currently modify the appearance of statements in Manager, other than changing your logo and updating the business information. However, if you really want payment details and a remittance slip on your statement, you can add that by post-processing the printed statement (ie, running the paper through the printer again and using a word processor to add whatever text you want onto the bottom or back of the paper, or by using a big rubber-stamp, or by annotating the PDF file, or by manually inserting an additional page into the PDF file with the payment details). If you’re emailing the statement to your customer, you can include the payment details in the body of the email.

@Lubos: If you are planning to extend custom templates to all documents (purchase orders, receipts, etc.), then it would make sense to include the Customer Statement reports as well. Basically anything customer-facing – anything that currently includes the business logo – should ideally be customisable, so that all documents the customer sees can have a uniform appearance across the business.

I agree. Ability to have custom HTML templates support for all external documents is in the pipeline.

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That is really not practical. An accounting system shouldnt involve such manual manipulation with other software. Disappointing.


@Lubos has acknowledged that custom HTML template support for the Customer Statement is now in the pipeline.

So be patient, and you’ll be able to do what you want to do within Manager. The suggestions I gave you were workarounds. No software can possibly do everything; sometimes you need to make do. Surely you’ll agree that Manager is worth infinitely more than its price.

Be aware, however, of what @Tut mentioned above: When you use a custom HTML template, you lose the special automation features of the in-built default version. That is, the HTML template entirely overrides the default version, and because it’s literally written in a different language, you cannot duplicate all of the features of the default version with a custom HTML template.


Perhaps an interim solution would be to add a Notes field to all in-built reports that would print as a footnote on the last page of the report. For Customer Statement, this could be used for payment details and other comments to the customer, as requested by MicheleA. For financial reports, this could be used for accounting details and other commentary to the report.

Yes I agree Jon. The Customer Statements lack the ability to replicate the essential HOW TO PAY field that would report on the original Invoice. People often lose the invoice and then dont know how to pay when a statement arrives on their desk.

Hello all. How do we edit the Invoice template according to our own existing template? I wanted to make our logo as the letterhead (top) but what I have achieved so far is to position it on the right side and the document name on the left.

Is it also possible to maintain two templates (one for narrative-kind of invoice where I can insert images)? Can I also add two columns before qty (for availability and COO)?

Read the Guides:

These cover themes. Also read this one about line-item custom fields: Manager Cloud.

And read this one on inserting images into custom fields with HTML: Manager Cloud.

Altogether, you have mentioned a lot of changes. If you do not personally have the Liquid programming skills necessary to write such a custom theme, hire a local programmer who does.

Hi Tut. Thanks a lot. I have learned so much today. The only thing left is how to position the letterhead. I don’t have liquid programming skills so I would appreciate it if you can share some helpful tips!

Thanks again.

I don’t have those skills either. My tip was to hire a programmer. Any competent web designer should be able to help.

Since the latest version of Manager has come out, the option of ATTACHING a file to a customer Statement has disappeared. COuld you please return this feature?
it allows the business to attach the original INVOICE (saved as PDF) to Customer Statements when they are overdue.
I have been adding to the ‘Customer’ database, How to PAy fields with check box ‘Print on all documents’ so that these instructions appear on Customer Statements. Tedious to have to do it for EVERY customer but otherwise, Statements lack the information customers need.